Masanobu Fukuoka


I was introduced to Masanobu Fukuoka’s farming methods by a woofer who came to stay here from Italy.  Stephano contacted me asking if he could come to stay to help with any forestry work I might be doing.  He had just finished a forestry degree at Florence university but had never done any practical work. […]

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Bill and Carol


We came to Ireland as WWOOFers to spend two months on a small horse farm near Innishannon, west of Cork. We liked Ireland and started strategizing how we could stay longer. Ann was not in the market for WWOOFers at that point but the website for South Reen Farm retreat center sounded like a perfect […]

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Live the moment


  We can not speak because we do not know, but still try to explain the indescribable and look at things afresh, keen to understand and rummage in the dark as friends, together exploring self inquiry. Words exchange between us like confetti, then mind makes space and clears the room, circling silence in the air, […]

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Wwoof  is “World wide opportunities on organic farms”. For a full explanation of this organisation go to and all will be explained. I have been fortunate to have woofers coming here to help on the farm since 2001 when the first people came over from U.S.A. and stayed for one year!  Bill and Carol […]

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 Carolyn came from Canada last summer.  A fun person with a great easy going nature.  We had many interesting chats over the time.   she got up one morning, extra early, disappearing on a kayak out to the mouth of the harbour in order to go through the talked of hole in the rock  only […]

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Dessi and Alex

fotos 038

Dessi and Alex arrived from Spain last winter in the worst of the gales and rain.  Luckily Alex said he was keen on gales so we spent a bit of time travelling to stark spots on the coast to view the waves.  When the gale was at its worst and the tide going over the […]

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