Ordinary Walks


Bring us into the arc of a relaxed mind.
How close we live with the raw intimacy of nature yet we begin to drop any worrying when in nature as it doesn’t argue back.
Pick up a stick & head out along the road a place to walk for retreat & ones true home,
Where strolling is where some healing can be found instead of words.
Out of doors all nature’s order pushes through blessings in every step, every plant & sprouting at tips of branches.
We can’t escape any of these experiences of our existence & taking walks is a way to relate to our states. The open landscape is vast enough to hold anything that arises, it rubs away at the conceptual overlays of beliefs gives a free moment, see nature in its freshness that’s something the ‘You or me’ has nothing to do with – when meeting unknown moments we enter the day, moment ( Motomo) lighter, more open into the arc of a relaxed moment.

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