Ruta and Ram


What to do when you have just had a foot operation and are unable to get outside on the land, cannot walk the dogs, collect the logs or drive. How lucky was I when Ruta and Ram answered my request of coming to help in December. The garden got some help and I learnt about […]

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Willi and Norman


Willi and Norman came to stay for a week,  they had contacted me through the helpx website.  Both eighteen and having a gap year from their homes in Germany.  It was a good week and by the end of their stay I realised they really did know about chopping logs and preparing all the wood […]

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Rob and Cia


Rob and Cia arrived in their car having driven over from Sweden.  I had seen their notice on the woofing site and asked if they might be up to house sit while I was away for two weeks.  Such a lovely couple.  They arrived a couple of days early and we got along immediately.  The […]

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Maya and Charlaine


Charlaine and Maya both from Switzerland arrived here for their last woofing experience of a year spent away. They had been to fourteen different places in France, Italy and Brazil. They had a load of stories and experiences to tell of their travels and seemed now ready to return to Switzerland with the hope of […]

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Sara from Italy.


Sara arrived for a week just as I was struck down with a chest infection and unable to do anything!  She was brilliant and took over everything outside.  Learning to deal with the horse, feed the chickens, take the dogs for walks, clean the tunnel and clear huge amounts of brambles!  It was a very […]

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Masanobu Fukuoka


I was introduced to Masanobu Fukuoka’s farming methods by a woofer who came to stay here from Italy.  Stephano contacted me asking if he could come to stay to help with any forestry work I might be doing.  He had just finished a forestry degree at Florence university but had never done any practical work. […]

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Bill and Carol


We came to Ireland as WWOOFers to spend two months on a small horse farm near Innishannon, west of Cork. We liked Ireland and started strategizing how we could stay longer. Ann was not in the market for WWOOFers at that point but the website for South Reen Farm retreat center sounded like a perfect […]

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