Ordinary Walks


Bring us into the arc of a relaxed mind. How close we live with the raw intimacy of nature yet we begin to drop any worrying when in nature as it doesn’t argue back. Pick up a stick & head out along the road a place to walk for retreat & ones true home, Where […]

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Discovering the vast ocean.


Discovering the Vast Ocean is the silence of understanding & degree of stillness between a group, who have suspended judgement & bias from the first words uttered, of their enquiry together. The level of silence was so total to make it a vital part of the questioning, where the possibility of being taken out of […]

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Let Things Be.


Here in the field of inquiry We see words anew Not concerning you, me or we Except indirectly pointing to a pain Of learned addictive stuff Loaded minds will never hear the ticking clock Or singing bird. So it goes onto repeat the immediate Experience with all it knows. Let things be without what I […]

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New Dimensions


I don’t know, is giving up the so called known. You, me, we, they-is a thought hauled in from memory. Every moment the concept drops, an acquaintance develops with-this letting go. Leave the residues of the “Somebody” to be open to new breadth & depths. In other words knowing Death while Alive.

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Snapshot-direct Inquiry


Parents don’t start and end Keep the insight fresh Let its flavour pervade you And leave an echo.   DIRECT ENQUIRY, has killed before and will kill again, a metaphor used when pondering ” Who am I”? Asking what this means people flip, can’t swim and end up floating down stream, as the rapids rise […]

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IMG_1060 - Version 2

ALL IN ALL Look through our eyes & see no breach Reveals a flash of insight The split, duality between Inner & outer world- It’s the same seen only from A different view point. Absolute & relative Both the same We make the separation. The illusion is to see them Separated & isolated That’s the […]

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Just looking, nothing fixed.


Just looking, nothing fixed. Enquiry stays fresh, alive, dynamic. To do with the “me” scaring the be-jesus out of itself about not living forever, so ┬ácan we note these moments when this comes up, alone or in direct relationship with another? No maps There are no maps for where we go Our surrendered molecules are […]

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Don’t believe it, test it!


Is it possible to live & breath another potential that brings to life a oneness without a belief system? We shelter in old dogmas Holding onto concepts taking them For truths. Even to think I’m going to get Knowledge is a concept. Ask your question It has its own reply Without storing memories For the […]

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