Snapshot-direct Inquiry


Parents don’t start and end

Keep the insight fresh

Let its flavour pervade you

And leave an echo.


DIRECT ENQUIRY, has killed before and will kill again, a metaphor used when pondering ” Who am I”? Asking what this means people flip, can’t swim and end up floating down stream, as the rapids rise up like teeth, between the memory banks of bequeathed second- hand information.
Occasionally someone gets pass the sluice-gates (another metaphor) that commonly controls water levels (peoples minds) in rivers and canals, of life. Slowly the escapee recovers by mining and digging for their own gold, and finally is released from the locks, and looped mental tapes that previously played, run by fear, control, paranoia, that chewed on life in steel jaws.
At first the jump looks easy, letting go of second hand information. Then comes the huge boulders you have to surmount and figure out, how to break them down, one rock at a time, we face the naked facts, precepts rather than concepts, drop the day dreaming, then things begin to flow, like you’re riding the liberating waves of rhythm…the brakes are off!

The “me” is the rendezvous point between the time-bound and the deathless.

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