Essence qigong course


Level 1
6 week course starting  January 2016

Essence Qigong: a simple yet powerful practice, energizing the body’s network of meridians, (energy channels). When (qi) life energy flows free and smoothly, the five major organs are released of tensions and relax. These special movements of the form are a way to bring body, mind and spirit into harmonic balance, thus finding oneness and a calmness amidst every day stress, providing a sense of peace and well being, and more stamina in your daily life.

Professor Fu Yin Chen, director of the Chinese Academy of Somatic Sciences, developed Chinese Essence Qigong after years of research and discussion among scientists, traditional Chinese medicine experts, philosophers and major Qigong masters in China. Professor Fu Yin Chen introduced the form to practitioners in 1987. Essence Qigong consists of slow, gentle movements which bring together the body, mind and spirit. Chinese Essence Qigong distills the essence of five major types of Qigong in China: Confucionist, Buddist, Daoist, medical and martial art Qigong. This form has all the merits of both traditional and contemporary Qigong.
Ann Shaw – Ann has been practicing Qigong since 1999. She trained with Professor Huixian Chen (Lineage Holder – China and U.S.A.) in West Cork and California. She is qualified to teach Essence Qigong and Soaring Crane Qigong.

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Contact:- Ann (mobile) 086 051 8502 or 028 33258

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