IMG_1060 - Version 2


Look through our eyes
& see no breach
Reveals a flash of insight
The split, duality between
Inner & outer world-
It’s the same seen only from
A different view point.
Absolute & relative
Both the same
We make the separation.
The illusion is to see them
Separated & isolated
That’s the ego way
Of looking
Is to see things separated
from another.


Meeting with friends
In a small circular garden
Of flora quietude
An oasis made from bare scrub land.
A hill rising up behind Mount
Gabriel, of an all round view occurring
Naturally, offers different faces
Of it design. From the north the seascape
Vanishes behind a scrim
of varied weather
But, today everything glistens bright.
A young silver birch stands
luminous in the sun & plump leafy
Bushes, overhang, a home for tiny insects
& birds. Ancient stones are set
into the contours of its surround
with little waves of running flowers
Held between them.
We lie on the grass & stare at the polishing
Of white clouds
Sailing through
the sky
Drop into a space
That opens
Out Here
All together
In such

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