Lidong came to East Reen last winter.  He cooked a traditional hot pot having brought most authentic herbs and spices in Cork at the chinese supermarket.  Between the rain and sunshine he did a great job cutting all the ivy from the trees coming up the hill road.

I remembered I cooked hot pot at your place. There is no recipe of hot pot. We usually will buy mixed hot-pot seasoning from supermarkets and directly use it to make a soup, then put meat, fish, vegetables, tofu, etc., everything you want to eat! Bob is your uncle! I am gonna give your a recipe of sweet sour pork which I actually made once in Ireland and it turned out to be the same taste as in China.

Ingredients: pork (cut into cubes or slices), pineapple(cut into cubes), sweet chili pepper(cut), egg, ketchup, cornflour.

1. Place cubed pork in a bowl, and season with a little bit salt, soy sauce. Mix with one egg. Leave it.
2. Cut pineapple and pepper.
3. Pour cornflour in a bowl, coat the pork with cornflour.
4. Better to use a deep fryer, fry 2 times, first time make sure it’s cooked. Then second time for 1 minute.
5. Get a pan, put a little oil, then ketchup, sugar, vinegar, a little water, make a sauce.
6. Finally, put pork, pineapple, pepper inside, mix them.

Have a try!

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