Pick, Peel and Scratchit!


The chickens have now been here for about two months.  Bought at the farmers market they were quite young and after about a week I was thrilled to find a lovely brown egg waiting for me in the egg laying department of the chicken house.  Each chicken has grown and they each have very different personalities.  Let me introduce you to “Pick”…..


“Pick” is a lavender chicken and has been the calmest chicken of them all.  Right from the first day Pick was happy to be picked up and carried about.  She is certainly not shy and was the first of the three to lay.

The next chicken is “Peel” a little more motivated than “Pick”  she is definitely the middle of the personality scale but pretty with her markings.


Last and by no means least is “Scratchit”.


A white longhorn by variety Scratchit would be better named Roadrunner from the cartoon.  Of a nervous disposition, inclined to frantically dash about in spurts of energy.  Occasionally you will see a flash of white in the corner of your eye and know that Scratchit has taken a fit of the vapours and is doing a zoom across the garden for no obvious reason. I am very pleased to say that today Scratchit laid her first egg and it was white, so now a contrast against the lovely brown one from Pick.  Who knows what Peel might produce!


Pick and Scratchits eggs.

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