So what does it mean to take part in a weekend course at East Reen to  learn Qigong? How do people respond when you all learn something together?  What happens?  It is not by chance when learning this ancient art that we feel and resonate deeply, in an openhearted way, experiencing all being moved in unity, and as one.

It’s a subtle awareness discipline offering a tool, as the practicing drives us into an automatic relaxation, bringing us more in touch with ourselves. It goes right to the matter, the heart of things, by presenting a way of moving with pleasure, and enjoying feeling, in motion. This time honoured process, spanning over thousands of years, is likened to embarking on an exciting voyage with support, and nurturing the growth by sharing the wisdom that has been handed down, making learning comfortable and safe, and highly grounding the body and mind.

The qigong form is a set of guided imagery instructions composed of patterns of movements. They are configured into postures according to the style you are learning along with the basic patterns of breathing techniques.

Qigong, is no longer an obscure pursuit or for the selective few, but part of the daily lives of all people.

Weekend courses and practice days are posted up on this site.  You can contact Ann through the contact page for any questions about Qigong.

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